Great news! Willie’s making another movie (Blonde Ambition, with Luke Wilson, Jessica Simpson!)


No surprise that these two artists enjoy each other’s company.  They difinitely have fun together.  Jessica Simpson and Willie appeared together in “Dukes of Hazzard, and now, Jessica is starring in “Blonde Ambition” a show being shot in Louisiana, and Willie is in the movie, as well.  Here’s the news:

A new crop of celebrities has come to Shreveport to punch the clock. “Blonde Ambition” begins filming Tuesday. The movie stars Jessica Simpson and Luke Wilson.Producer Joe Simpson, father of Jessica, describes the feature as a cross between “Working Girl” and “Pretty Woman.” For the next three weeks and three more in January, the cast and crew will work to transform Shreveport into New York. How?“Very specifically,” Joe Simpson answers with a chuckle. “A lot of the shots are specific alleys where we use long lens, and a lot of (the shots) are set inside an office.”“Blonde Ambition” is being produced by Millennium Films (“Homeland Security”) and Papa Joe Films. It also stars Rachael Leigh Cook, Andy Dick, Penelope Ann Miller and Willie Nelson.

Jessica’s new Hollywood role has her trading in the blue vest and name tag for a business suit.   

We’ve seen her strut her stuff in cut-off jeans and cowboy boots in ‘The Dukes of Hazzard,’ and she showed off her blue collar skills in ‘Employee of the Month,’ but now JESSICA SIMPSON is planning to take on the corporate world in ‘Blonde Ambition.’

According to the film’s producer — former “Malcolm in the Middle” star JUSTIN BERFIELD — Jessica has signed on to reprise the role MELANIE GRIFFITH originated, in a remake of the 1988 comedy ‘Working Girl.’ The role earned Griffith an Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

“The second we got the script, we just knew we had to go to her first,” Berfield told MTV News. “Fortunately, she fell in love with the script as well.”

The movie centers around a secretary struggling to get ahead in the corporate world, who eventually works her way to the top.

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