Happy Birthday, Freddy Powers

“Today Freddy is celebrating his 81st Birthday which is the second birthday he wasn’t  suppose to see….. well thank you Jesus he is still here and ready for the party…… Just had a couple of wonderful days out there touring with Big $ Rich had a blast… first day had 7 Marines as his body guards all day and night…. next night was in New Orleans after  the show we all went over to Harrah’s and he and John Rich played Blackjack and we won big thanks to John… Shows were great and Big Kenny and John couldn’t have given Freddy a Birthday they were both so sweet and so good to my Freddy he is a happy man today and thanks you all for the wonderful Birthday wishes.”

Thanks to Cherie for sending her slide show with pictures she took at a Last of the Breed tour.


Freddy Powers and Coach Royal, at Coach Royal’s birthday party at Saxon Pub two years ago.

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  1. David D'souza says:

    Can some one please tell me who the woman and the other man (seated opposite Willie and Freddie is?Do you also know where it was taken??


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