How High is Up? By Willie Nelson

“Getting older has confirmed a whole lot of things that I instinctively knew all along.  One is that honesty is always the best policy no matter the repercussions.

That’s probably a big reason why just about every person who’s ever heard my name or my music knows that I smoke pot.  I know that displeases some people, but I still think that’s better than making excuses about who I am and what I do.

So let’s take a minute to talk about marijuana.  If you’re not interested in hearing what I have to say, no problem; there’s a chapter on golf right after this one.

One place to start is a typical American medicine or liquor cabinet.  The highest killer on the planet is stress, and there aren’t many people in America who don’t medicate themselves one way or another.

Some people choose an occasional beer or a little pill the doctor prescribes, and I’m not knocking that.  But the best medicine for stress is pot.

I think people forget that in all the “reefer madness” debate over marijuana, we’re only talking about stems and seeds.  That’s all marijuana is, and I figure God must have made those stems and seeds for  a reason.

As far as I can tell, the primary reasons and uses for the hemp plant are to smoke it, wear it, or use it to make fuel to burn in our cars.  And I’m in favor of all three.”

The Tao of Willie
by Willie Nelson with Turk Pipkin

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