J. M Nelson Artwork

Many of us know Micah Nelson as a kick-ass drummer, who plays with the band 40 Points, along with his brother Lukas, bassist Merlyn Kelly and Tato Melgar on congas/percussion.  And we’ve all enjoyed him playing with his father at concerts, rotating with Paul English and Billy English on the snare drum, and all those instruments Billy English has at the back of the stage, that nobody seems to know what they are.

But Micah is a graphic artist, and you may have seen some of his posters promoting Willie Nelson and Family shows, and 40 points shows.  In Lubbock, he was at Scooterville, and selling some of his prints.  And he was hanging out with fans, and signing anything they presented to him to autograph, taking pictures with fans (just like his dad does.)   I talked to him about his artwork, and he told me that he enjoys creating art as much as playing music, that they go together well.  And I found out the J stands for Jacob.

I fell in love with this poster and purchased it, and he kindly signed it for me.  (But unfortunately I left it at the security checkpoint flying from Houston to Denver Sunday, and am working on getting it back, but that’s another story.) 

Within the Cloud Large
by J. M. Nelson

You can view his artwork at www.ghandarva.deviantart.com, and you and also purchase several of his prints at the site.  Visit the site; he has a nice art gallery, and writes about the pictures, too; poetry.

J. M. Nelson in Lubbock, Tx
July 2, 2008

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