Jamey Johnson and Bobbie Bare talk about Willie Nelson on Bobbie Bare’s podcast:



Here are five of the fascinating things we learned from Bobby Bare and Jamey Johnson during this inaugural episode of Bobby Bare & Friends. New episodes of Bobby Bare & Friends will be released twice a month. Listen to the first episode here.

What Would Willie and Waylon Do?

“Nothing affects Willie,” Johnson says of country legend Willie Nelson. “Remember when Willie owed the government $32 million? You know what he said? He said, ‘It ain’t much if you say it real fast.’” “I was with him and Waylon [Jennings] at some studio way out in the country,” says Bare, “It was during the time period with the IRS. Waylon said, ‘Look over there. He’s just having a big time, laughing, carrying on. If the government had me by the balls the way they’ve got him right now, I’d be in the fetal position, screaming. Not Willie.”

— Jamey Johnson

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