Jody Payne

Jody Payne, at the BackYard 2008

So many have e-mailed, commented asking why Jody Payne has not been on tour with Willie. reports that Jody’s retired, living in Alabama with his family.

He has a web site at

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  1. Beverly Brown says:

    I knew Jody in 1967-68 when he was with the Dalton Boys, performing at the 300 Lounge in Waterford, Michigan. I had taped them on a reel-to-reel recorder (2 tapes were made at the time). One of the tapes was stolen in a B&E, along with the recorder, and I came across the other one about a year and a half ago. I sent it to George Falkler, the drummer with the Dalton Boys, and he was going to copy it onto CDs or cassettes and send me copies. I haven’t heard from George, and am just wondering if he is okay. Also, I’m wondering about Dave Sandy. George was going to answer all of my questions, but his e-mails stopped coming. I just want to make sure he is okay and Dave and Jody and Pete (bass guitar in the Dalton Boys) are okay. I was also wondering if the tape was passed along to Jody or any of the others from the Dalton Boys. If this message could be forwarded to Jody, I would appreciate it. I really wanted him and the others to hear the tape. I also want to find out if George is okay. Thanks. Bev (Fox) Brown

  2. Darrel says:

    Jody and I are playing now as a duo. We’ll be playing at the Junkyard on highway 31 near Stapelton. Al. March 7th. Jody’s doing great. Come see us and chat awhile.

  3. LindaLee says:

    Is that the one near Spanish Forks? If you have an address, let us know. Thanks.

  4. ray robbins says:

    jody this is your old friend from tx would love to hear from you if you get this please contac me at email addressl listed above and i will give you my address and telephone number

  5. Dottie says:

    The band is not the same with you retired.

    Would love to be in contact again

    Miss You

  6. LindaLee says:

    Dottie, he used to have a website — have you tried to contact him through the site?

  7. Dottie says:

    LindaLee I have tried the web site. All I get is a heating company Grrrrr

    I will keep trying

  8. LindaLee says:

    Dottie if I can find out anything, I will let you know.

  9. LindaLee says:

    I posted about a show he was doing a while back, you should look for that on my blog. And I’ll bet the club where he played could put you in touch. Or try to find his son, Waylon Payne on myspace or facebook and give him your e-mail to pass on to his dad for you.

  10. Dottie says:

    Thanks LindaLee

  11. ernie stevenson says:

    wonderful to hear your ok jody,,realy missed you last time i seen willie in amsterdam,,met his drummer paul,what a lovely man that is,well you all are ,go safe my friend and take care.ernie in the the way ,your always welcome here in my home ,if ever you come back to holland.

  12. Barbara Thompson says:

    Jody, I need your number, or you can call me, at Traders.

  13. Dottie says:

    Why does this web site that is posted above take me to a heating company?

    Does anyone know?

    I think we would all love to have the web site of “our” Jody. The one that retired from Willie’s Band.

    The one we all miss.

  14. LindaLee says:

    Dottie, I don’t know. Jody must have given up his website. I’ll see if I can find out any info.

  15. Rick Bell says:

    I met Jody in Vegas, in the early 90’s through scotty and shirley. Jody used to come to The Tumbleweed, where my band was playing and set in………all night…….lol……Jody , if yer still kickin and pickin, send me an email at blueyedwolf69@live .com I’d love to hear from you.

  16. Bill Goodridge says:

    I saw Jody play last night with Dallas Moore band in Cincinnati ,Ohio.They were playing in the old Herzog recording studio to commemorate the 61st anniversary since Hank Williams recorded “Im so lonesome I could cry ” in that very studio. Jody sang that song and played a wonderful guitar solo in the middle of it that was was great to see him playing again.Willie and Family is not the same without him!

  17. T J Henderson says:

    Jody you played lead on one of my songs at Stargo in Fort Worth.I was married to a redhaired woman named Susie.Good times,Sam coleman,Bobby Wayne,Wynn,Billy English,Ray Robbins,Ronnie Mack and Pete Mitchell.Sammi and the all nite club.

  18. Hey Willie and Jody, this is Leland from Oregon remember that cowboy, played music all night long in room at the Hilton. remember MacArthur Court in Eugene I had the big red pickup. You had me follow the bus in behind Mac Court from the Hilton and we went inside had dinner and then the concert. After the concert I drink champagne with your sister Bobbie on the bus. You guys were heading for Seattle then Hawaii. The year before we played music all night long on that less Paul guitar in Jody Payne’s room at the Hilton. You gave me a backstage pass that looked like Uncle Sam with your face that said we want you backstage. So how have you been I’m on Facebook search Leland Downing in Oregon and tell Jody hello I’m watching you right now play at Billy Bob’s on TV. I wrote a couple of country songs that all my friends told me they’d be number hits let’s get together and out play them to you and see what you think, might be something you can use. Look at the ARG matrix in my website it will keep you young and healthy looking. You can also get me on my. Website we have the only thermogenic fat burning coffee in the world. Hope to talk to you soon send me a e-mail thanks Leland Downing cowboy and logger

  19. Hey Willie this is Leland the cowboy from Oregon remember Mac Court me and Janet playing guitar all night long with you and Willie at the Hilton. We had dinner and Mac cart together and had fun at the concert and I drink champagne with lovely Bobbie on the bus. Get this contact me I got a couple of songs I’d like you to that I wrote. You can contact me through my website
    best wishes for you and your family
    Leland Downing

  20. Susie P says:

    Trying to find Jody Payne. Friends with my daughter and I. We were friends of Poodie Locke too.
    Would love to see where Jody will be playing. Any help out there looking for him?
    Thanks a bunch

  21. jody payne says:

    Hello to all my friends …I didn’t relize so meny people was looking for me I am still alive and pickin’ Willie has invited me to come play with him & the band at The Wharf in Orange beach , Al. on June 5th 2011 i will be there hope to see you there too. my email address is let me hear from you

  22. jody payne says:

    I am giving guitar lessons at Picker’s Paradise in Stapleton Al.

  23. jody payne says:

    Hey Ray….Hey Everyone… I just read all the comments on Willie’s Still Is Still Moving To ME. I don’t if everyone can read all the emails or not. I am fine now and sure miss seeing everyone and visiting with all the fans. You can get in touch with me at and if I ever find out how to do facebook I’ll let you’all know where I’ll be playing and all about the new C.D…..Take care and God Bless…Jody Payne

  24. Georgia N Austin says:

    Miss seeing and hearing you..
    God Bless

  25. Midknight says:

    I saw Jody Payne with Willie in Orange Beach. Great show ! What would be really great if Jody could finish the Throwdown Tour. Just like old times.

  26. jody payne says:

    yes my darlig you were great…and yes you still have the stuff

  27. jody payne says:

    to all Jody no longer has a website …but you can emiail him at…..he would love to hear from all of you ..he enjoyed seeing willie , and all the band and crew…and most of all playing with Will and Jamey was the best.along with sister Bobbie , Paul , Billy , Bee , and Lucas, last but by all means not least ….MICKEY…he misses that very much….and yes it sounded wonderful at least what Austin let me hear…lol

  28. Kay Stoner says:

    Hi Jody! hope you are well. I am doing fine living on Lake Fork in Yantis Tx. Been here about four years. Got tired of Phx. Miss seeing you at Willie shows. Work for P.O. in Quitman now. Good luck with every thing.

  29. ALSTON PARESA says:

    HI i just picked up an amazing live album of “The Dalton Boys” playing at the Dixie Club. I couldnt find any information about the band or anything about them. This is the only thing that came up. If you could email me some info about the band that would be great! (the years together, other members, other albums or 45s etc) I REALLY DIG THE SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE INSTRUMENTAL COVER!

    Hope all is well

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