Joe Nick Patoski writing biography of Willie Nelson

Here’s some good news for you:  Author Nick Paloski said in an interview with MyWestTexas editor Jimmy Patterson that he is working on a biography of Willie, due to the publisher next July.

His website ( has lots of information about him, his work, his book tour schedule, and more.  At his site, he says this:

“This website was created as a living resume of my published works. Every now and then, I manage to post a few comments on my blog here too, although I’ve found out the hard way that blogging is as labor-intensive as writing. That said, if you’re interested in Texas and other subjects, you’ve come to the right place. Sit a spell and enjoy yourself. And if you have any specific questions, or want to know more about why it’s so dang hot in Texas, where the best spring water swimming is, hidden hidey holes of Mexico, the origins of alt country, why radio is the way it is, or other semi-arcane subjects, send an e mail to
I’ll write back.
–Joe Nick

Joe Nick PatoskiJOE NICK PATOSKI is in his fourth decade as a professional writer. The author and co-author of biographies on Selena and Stevie Ray Vaughan, both published by Little, Brown andCompany and the coffeetable books Texas Mountains and Texas Coast, both published by University of Texas Press, he’s been writing about Texas and Texans and other subjects since 1972. A former staff writer for Texas Monthly magazine for 18 years, his byline appeared in 2005 in the Texas Observer, No Depression, People magazine, Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, Field & Stream, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Big Bend Sentinel, Southwest Spirit, American Way, the Austin Chronicle, Harp, and the TimeOut New York, among many publications. He also contributed an essay to the photo book Conjunto by John Dyer, also published by University of Texas Press.   

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