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It’s almost July, time for me to renew my membership to the Willie Nelson fan club, the original fan club, the one that existed before we fans started gathering and sharing information about Willie Nelson on the internet.  Dandy and Andrea are the hardworking fans behind the fan club, and for many years they have been doing a great job of keeping us Willie Nelson fans informed about Willie. And if you’re not a member, you’re missing out.  

It costs only $20.00 to join, and for that you get all the Willie Nelson goodies pictured above:   A fan club laminate,  bumper sticker, Fan Club Pin, guitar pick, and more.  Also, when you renew each year (for only $15.00), you get a renewal gift, which have ranged from cool Willie Nelson pens, post cards, flashlights, memo pads, really cool stuff.  They have sent out calenders at the end of the year, too.  Prices are different for fans overseas, but you can e-mail Dandy to get the details

My favorite thing (well besides the laminate, which once somehow looked official to a security guy in Aspen, and we got to park by the band busses, but that’s another story) is the quarterly newsletter:  “Willie’s World, the official newsletter of the International Willie Nelson Fan Club.”  This newsletter is published  quarterly by Dandalion and Andrea, and it’s so fun to open up my mail box and see that “Willie’s World” waiting for me.  It’s full of news about Willie, his fans, his projects, movies, books, new cd releases.  Lots of fan pictures and stories, information about Willie Nelson and Family that you can’t hear anywhere else.  I think Willie talks about Dandy in one of his books, they are friends, and she often shares news that Willie told her directly to pass on to his fans.

Here’s the address, if you want to join up.  Just send your check for $20.00 to:

Willie Nelson Fan Club
P. O. Box 7104
Lancaster, PA 17904-7104

Tell them Linda sent you.

8 Responses to “Join the Willie Nelson Fan Club”

  1. Staceey says:

    It’s OK to publish address.

  2. stacy weatherman says:

    Its Stacy weatherman,s birthday on October 14th she is your biggest fan and she will be at your concert at the shrine moss on the 14th of October,and she wishes u a happy birthday as well

  3. Carol Egerton says:

    I have been looking for a very long time ,to find a DVD of Red Headed Stranger. Love that movie and love Willie

  4. BJ says:

    Willie did a TV commercial for Suburo..2 lines..great tune.
    did he cut a CD and if so–Name..if not why…

  5. Joe Starks says:

    By joining can I buy presale tickets to his concerts

  6. Nancy woodard says:

    Hi! I used to belong to fan club,but couldn’t find any info on it. I just turned 80 and I had tickets in Virginia to see the greatest singer of all Willie !About seven years ago he sent me his headband in braids. Or I should say you guys did. My daughter finally got me tickets at the Germaine arena, now called Hertz arena ! Again that was my 80th birthday present from one of my five children. I will be in row nine seats 11 through 13 with daughter section 111 I hope that’s not too far away. Last time I had the fourth row. But that gotcanceled. I am glad he is feeling better and I hope to see him again. I always have a smile on my face and full of Laughter! So funny how many things of my life were similar to his. My granddaughter gave me his book for my birthday, and I could not put it down. A great joy to read. And the joke I had to repeat radar from the phone to my family they were so funny. , so please stay well and I hope to see you on November 12. My Sirius radio only has your station. Yes I love every word you sing! Nancy

  7. kathy Ashworth says:

    Hi I don’t know if i am going to be successful or this is the right way to go about it , but i am writing about my best friend Karen who turns 50 in April. She is crazy about Willie Nelson, she has Willie Nelson plastered in the background of her E-mail account at work , She loves his music and we hear her singing his numbers.

    Up until recently she used to run and take part in Charity events raising money for Cancer research, Alzheimer’s research Uk, Ill and Sick babies , anything to do with animal shelters, Knitting ,the list goes on. Due to a knee condition she had to stop running, but that doesn’t stop her, she is going to take up cycling and fund raise that way.

    She is a Awesome person and helps anybody at work as well as outside in her personal life.

    If at all possible I would love her to receive a card, photo or message from Willie for her birthday. That would make her life complete.

    Please let me know if there is a charge for this as i will gladly pay. it would mean the world to her.

    Hope to hear from you .
    Thank you
    Kathy xx

  8. Betty Kollas says:

    I am a 90 year old fan I had a store in 1980 when I got a Willie poster. I still have the poster and wanted it/or one just like it signed. The poster was a promotion for Willie jeans and I have kept it these 40 years. The poster I still have has shown some age as I have. Please send me another or something signed by you. We live on an orchid pears, cherries, and peaches so if you are in Oregon Columbia Gorge please feel free to stop in.

    Best to you,
    Betty Kollas
    (Jayne Mederios sr companion)

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