Joke of the Day

Cherie called in to the Bill Mack show on Willie Wednesday and told this joke to Willie Nelson:

Two nuns were given an assignment to paint their room, but the Mother Superior warned them not to get any paint on their habits.  The nuns went to room and one asked, “How can we paint a room and not get any paint on us?

They both thought about it for a minute, then the other nun said.  “Let’s lock the door, then we can take off our clothes and paint.  Then we won’t get any paint on our habits.”

So the nuns took off their habits and were painting naked, when there was a knock at the door.  “Who’s there?” said the nuns.

“Blind Man,” said a male voice.

The nuns looked at each other and shrugged.  “Well, if he’s blind, he won’t be able to see us.  I guess it would be okay to open the door.”

They both went over and unlocked the door and opened it, and the man said, “Nice boobs.  Where do you want me to hang these window blinds?”

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