Katie goes to Sirius/XM Radio’s “Town Hall With Willie Nelson”


Katie Meghan was one of the lucky winners who got to attend Sirius/XM Radio’s Town Hall With Willie Nelson last week. Actually, it was her mom who entered and won Sirius/XM’s contest, when she heard the contest advertised on Willie’s Roadhouse. She got a congratulations e-mail from Sirius/XM, and her plus one was her lucky daughter Katie.  Here’ I’ll let Katie tell her story:

“There were 15 contest winners at the Town Hall, but there were 30 of us all together, because each winner was allowed to bring a guest. Only the actual contest winners were allowed in the “fish bowl,” where they recorded the show’s sound. The 15 guests were right outside of the fish bowl looking in.

Besides the guests, Willie, Micah, and host Johnny Knoxville were inside the fish bowl. Annie, David Anderson, Mark Rothbaum, and the man who wrote the song, “Cowboys are Frequently, Secretly Fond of Each Other” were also present.

I’d say I was there for a couple hours. The show started slightly late, but it went really smoothly, otherwise. We went early to check in, and stayed later, to pose with Willie for professional photographs (which I’m not even in possession of, yet).

When the winners were notified via email, they were told to submit 3 questions for Willie and told they would be asking him on the show. You weren’t told which of your questions was chosen until you arrived in the studio! Luckily, they chose the question I wanted to ask him! 🙂 Since my mom is technically the subscriber, she should have been in the fish bowl, but (being the wonderful woman she is) requested that I (her guest) be the one to ask Willie the question. They, as you can tell, agreed. As far as I know, there were no guidelines/restrictions for the questions.

Willie was told to basically come in and start. During the broadcast, there were pauses for ads, songs, etc. There was no arrangements, in particular, set up for people to meet Willie, but everyone took it upon themselves to ask Willie follow-up questions, and for autographs during the show’s pauses. At each of these times, the microphones were turned off, and only those in the fish bowl could hear what was taking place. I didn’t ask Willie follow-up questions, or to sign anything, but I did sing along when the songs played!

I actually had no idea we were getting professional pictures taken with Willie, so it took me by surprise! The photos were taken after the Town Hall, but it was very rushed! Willie posed individeually with each winner and their guest for a photo.

It was such a wonderful experience, and I’m so grateful to have gone! Even after 18 years, I still get all giddy to see Willie! The other guests fell in love with Willie. Smiles from ear to ear! Also, I know Johnny Knoxville is known for his “Jackass” TV Show), but he was super nice, and did a great job hosting! He even recorded a short message for a family member of one of the guests!

Attached is a picture collage that I made for instagram (iphone picture app), and a picture of me holding Micah’s drawing that he discusses during the show! Let me know me know if they don’t come through, I will resend them! And if there’s anything else you want to know, I’ll happily answer that as well!”

— Katie Meghan


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    wow,color me green with envy!

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