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A new video by Kevin For Peace has been posted at the Willie Nelson Peach Research Institute.  Kevin made a video using the song written by Willie and Amy Nelson, ‘A Peaceful Solution’ as it’s soundtrack.   This song was inspired by a dream Amy had, about watching her dad perform, and sing a song about a Peaceful Solution.  Time passed, world was changed forever by the airplanes hitting the World Trade Center, and Amy couldn’t get the song, ‘A Peaceful Solution’ out of her mind.  In the early morning hours on the way to Coachella festival in California, she told her dad about the song.  And later, Willie told Amy, “Hey, look, I wrote that song.”  

Willie has recorded this beautiful song several times, with a jazzy beat, and acapella, and with the Willie Nelson and Family band, among others.  And it wasn’t enough that Willie and Amy wrote this song, and Willie recorded in so many different styles, but they also offered up the song for others to record, or to use as a backdrop for their song.

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I hope that others are encouraged to do their own version of this song. Too often those who strive for peace have been marginalized for either being ill informed about how peace is brought about, being too idealistic, or many other-often insidious-ways to justify wars that only profit those who want the wars, at the sacrifice of others who do the real bleeding for the wars.

Thank-you for listening, may peace be with us all, and may it be the solution we turn to instead of strife.

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