“King of the Roadies” — help support the Ben Dorcy Story Documentary — Two Weeks Left to raise funds!

by: Shelton Green

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas — A 90-year-old roadie for musician Willie Nelson is now the focus of a documentary being shot by one of Nelson’s daughters and one of his grandchildren.

“King of the Roadies” is about 90-year-old Ben Dorcy, who has been with Willie since the 1960s. One of Nelson’s grandchildren, Trevor Nelson, started the documentary on Dorcy 11 years ago.

“Over the years, he was just always there.He was a fixture, so I didn’t realize how amazing he is and how he’s actually a piece of music history,” said Amy Nelson, one of Willie’s daughters and co-creator of “King of the Roadies.”

Dorcy worked as actor John Wayne’s chauffeur before he met Willie.

“Well, I knew him a long time and when he lived in Nashville, I said, ‘Hey, sometime I’d like to work with you.’ He said ‘OK,'” said Dorcy, talking about how he first started working for Nelson.

“King of the Roadies” has to raise $100,000 in two weeks. At last count, organizers were about a quarter of the way there.


To donate funds to help complete the project, visit:
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