Kinky’s Willie Nelson Cigar

Kinky smoke signals

Kinky will be back in Dallas this week, hawking his Kinky Friedman Cigars as well as signing copies of his books.

On Tuesday from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., he’ll be at the Addison Cigar & Tobacco Co. before heading to a 7 p.m. book signing at Borders Books & Music at Preston Road and Royal Lane.

There are five kinds of Kinky Cigars (handmade by Cubans in Honduras): The Governor, Kinkycristo, Texas Jewboy, Utopian and The Willie, named for his pal, Willie Nelson. “The Willie has a twist on the end,” says Kinky.

And even though he’s no longer running for governor, Kinky still has an amusing fondness for the third person. Pontificating between cigar puffs, he says, “Kinky’s message to kids is ‘Cigarettes bad, cigars good.’ “

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