Lana Nelson, Costumes

Red Headed Stranger
Lana Nelson, Costumes

Lana Nelson, Willie’s daughter, shares her father’s enthusiasm for westerns and was asked to handle costumes because he was sure she would get “the look and feel” he was after.  Aided by Marty Burke of Western Costumes in Los Angeles, she personally selected the nearly 200 period outfits worn in the picture,  maintained them throughout the filming, and earned her first costumers credit.

The writer and director of Willie’s videos, “Pancho and Lefty (with Merle Haggard), “Are There Any Real Cowboys Left?” (with Neil Young), and “The Promiseland,” she wrote the video “Tougher Than Leather” and is currently working on a screenlay based on Wilie’s second concept album Phases and Stages.”

“The Willie Nelson Family Album,” which she complied, was published in 1980.  Speaking of the close family ties, the preface reads:  “The one and only reason I put this book together was to do something special for my father and to share with everyone the love we all have.”

Lana makes her home in Austin with her four children, one of whom, 15 year old Bryan Fowler, plays Nathan, Laurie’s (Katherane Ross) son.

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