Lana Nelson Writes Tell all Book about Dad Willie Nelson (April Fool’s)

Scribner & Sons has announced that Lana Nelson has received a seven-figure advance to write a tell-all book about her father, Willie Nelson.  The book, with the working title, “Wipe your feet before you get up on this bus!,” is Lana’s story of growing up as Willie Nelson’s daughter, and life on the road with her outlaw dad.

When Lana was asked, “Why now?  Why write this book about your dad now?” she responded,  “Oh, I want to write it now while we can both remember things”

Is everything in the book true? 

“Oh, heck no, but who’s going to know?”

Willie Nelson was reached on tour and was asked what he thought about Lana’s revealing book about him. 

Have you read the book?

No, not yet.  She hasn’t written it yet.  We’re just spending the advance now.  Maybe she’ll write it when that’s gone.

Are you concerned about the information she’ll reveal?

“No, I’m kinda lookin’ foward to readin’ about what all I’ve done.  I’m glad one of us can remember what happened.  I think I’ve had a lot of fun, and I want to know what it was I’ve done.”

Lana, who has promised that the book will ‘knock your socks off,’  was asked for hints about the secrets she was going to reveal.   Wives?  Drugs?  Fights?

“Yes,” was all she said.  But she did throw a couple teasers:

Her dad does not smoke marijuana.  “Dad hasn’t smoked pot for 30 years. It’s just a rumor we keep circulating for his reputation.”

Her dad is the not the only one Lana tells stories on:


“Bee Spears does not play live at concerts.   His music is all taped.  He hasn’t played in years.  So we haven’t paid him in years.”


“Aunt Bobbie hates when Dad asks her to stand up.  She  threatens to quit after every show, until he promises he won’t make her stand up again.  Then the next show, he invites her to ‘stand up and  let the fans see you’.   They’ve been at that for years.”

“Mickey Raphael hates country music.”

“Billy English is listening to the Grateful Dead on his headphones during the shows.”

“The original title for ‘Me and Paul’ was ‘Me and Paul and Mickey,’ but Paul English beat dad at a game of chess, and he had to drop Mickey’s name from the title.”

If you want to read more about Lana’s book, visit

***** APRIL FOOLS! *****

10 Responses to “Lana Nelson Writes Tell all Book about Dad Willie Nelson (April Fool’s)”

  1. Lisa Jordan says:

    Half of the reason I’ve always enjoyed the music of this man is his seemingly apparent way of just being out there and having this ‘take me as I am’ attitude’ and/or ‘say it before anyone else says it’ type of living. What can be told by others than hasn’t already been told by himself? : ) Love it…..

    With this being an April 1st announcement….could it be ??? ; )

    Hugs from the NW.


  2. j duvall says:

    Just had to let you know what I think of Willie. From the time my daughter could talk, she has always loved Willie. She is 41 now, and while she was born mentally retarded, she now has a deterioration of the brain, which makes her physical condition worse as time goes by. But, her love of Willie has seen her through more then I can explain. Saturday, 5/1/10 she got to go see him in Binghamton, NY. She had made a sign wishing him Happy Birthday, and Willie actually gave her the hat he was wearing. Through the years she has been to see him every opportunity that we can get her there. His show has always brought the biggest joy to her life. How nice that he can still appreciate his fans. We love him for what he has done for our girl.

  3. LindaLee says:

    Thank you so much for sharing that story! Very touching. He really does appreciate his fans.

  4. Margo Bollinger says:

    Dear Lana, I am writing to say, I think your father is an awesome individual. His talent is exhilerating, invigorating, and truly inspirational. August 9th in Jackson Mich, his concert comming up, Myself, my husband, my father Marvin Dutmers, and sister Angela Boardman, will be attending this concert. Our seats are 3rd and 4th row center stage seats. My father and sister were able to get a meet and greet when the 3 of us went to Oklahoma at the Riverwind Casino last November. My sister and father were able to meet your dad, but i wasn’t able. Angela Boardman is my sister (with Boardman Video) I was wondering if there is any way possible that the 4 of us could meet your dad. Willie has been a huge part of our lives growing up, I know his music has inspired me and our entire family, and kind of guided us and we are who we are partly because of your fathers music. My dad Marvin Dutmers 73 years old has been to three of your dads concerts in the past 8 mos and has spokaen with him each time, his dream come true. Thank you so mush for arranging the first meet and greet in Oklahoma last year, as for when he went to Texas I think in February of this year my dad marvin stood out by your dad’s bus and by god Your father walked right up to my father again and they shook hands and spoke to one another again, the happiness in my fathers face as he speaks of this to this day is absolutely heartwarming. I need to also tell you that our Mother her name is Lana Nelson, and my grandfathers middle name was Hugh. I am asking you this and if it cannot happen i understand your dad is a busy man , but i also know that he appreciates his fans. Could we please possibly get a meet and greet and picture of the 4 of us together just
    me, my father marvin Dutmers, sister angela Boardman, and my
    husband Todd. I have a Willie Wall i call it at home in our newly finished basement and i really would like to top it off with a real photo with us send it to Christopher Durst and have him blow it up for me. As i said i understan if this cannot be, but i wanted to ask in hopes that it can happen. Thank you for your time reading this and the story is ever so touching, I have read the TAO of Willie and loved every page. Thank You so much to your entire family, and all you do for so many, be safe in travels, and hope to hear from you soon. Margo Bollinger / 989-561-5044

  5. bruce baxley says:

    Lana, how the hell are you? Been a spell. Oh, by the way I’m Betsys dad. Remember now? Hows R.& M. & of course, Nelson? Give me a buzz sometime. Old times. Bruce

  6. LindaLee says:

    Bruce, there is an e-mail address for Lana Nelson at Willie Nelson’s website I don’t think she reads this blog, so best way to reach her is through the official website. Thanks for stopping by. — Linda

  7. Michael Barefoot says:

    It has been a long time since I said hello to you. The last time I spoke to you was just after filming A Pair of Aces and then ran in to during one of my classes at local hospital. Would be great to say hello, gain.

  8. Ann Goring says:

    Lana, we lost touch a bit! but I always think of you and your Dad and your Aunt Bobby. Guess what? My awesome son and daughter arranged a trip (for mother’s day) and I will be at Interlochen concert June 10! That’s the last time I saw you and your Dad… when I gave him the painting I did for him! I am sooo pumped. I can’t remember what yr. you guys were there last. it’s been too long , that’s all I know. cya. xo write back if you can, make my day! I’m on my way to the mall to buy “Heroes” now. my son and daughter love Willie too, but I love him the mostest! (hehe)

  9. Ann Goring says:

    correction, my email is this one. can’t spell I was so excited!

  10. LindaLee says:

    Ann — e-mail Lana through Willie’s website www. willienelson .com. Lana will get it there. There is an e-mail for her there. I don’t know that she reads this SISM blog. Thank you for stopping by.

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