Lend a Hand to the Farmers

The Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute has posted a new version of the song “Lend a Hand to the Farmer,” first written and performed by Willie Nelson and Marty Dread.  You can watch their video version of the song, and learn how you can contribute your own version of this inspiring song, at:

Patty wrote:

“Craig and I lived in rural upstate New York for several years. It is our home state,  and we have many wonderful memories of our local farmers as friends and neighbors and also from county fairs and 4H events.  We gained the richness of their lives and work. It was a happy time then. However, unfortunately, those times have changed.

A nation that does not have an abundance of small family farmers ~ is an impoverished nation in body, mind, and spirit.  And, that is where we’re at right now.  Today, for every family farmer who is being torn apart by financial devastation, it tears apart the farmer, his family, and eventually the country.  Like a hurricane or tornado, this is each farmer’s devastating private storm.

For Willie Nelson and all his Good Works!

Willie, what a pleasure it is to be even a small part of being able to help save the family farmers of this land.

We know that the health of our country is at stake in more ways than one, and that we need to continue to support what ís right and in harmony with the Universal Truths.”

Peace to All,
Patty and Craig Smith

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