Live From Ebbets Field Volume 2 (1973 – 1976)

Well, maybe it’s like, if you can remember shows at Ebbets Field, you weren’t really there.  (I do know if you think it was a field, you weren’t there.) Now FM102.3 KCUV will revive memories and make you believe you were there, even if you weren’t. Denver was a great place for music in the 1970’s, and Ebbets Field, a small night club located in the Brooks Tower near 15th and Curtis contributed and let music lovers  in Denver, the front range and beyond hear some of the best music from around the world.

Denver’s famous concert promoter Chuck Morris opened up Ebbets Field, and it seemed like everybody played there in the 1970’s, including Willie Nelson, Bob Seger, Tom Waits, Lynyrd Skynyrd are  only a few artists on a long list who came through the Ebbet and made musical history in Denver. Here’s more of that list,  I’m not making this list up, and I was there for some of them, I think: Freddie King, Taj Mahal, John Prine, Muddy Water, Asleep At The Wheel, J.J. Cale, Ry Cooder, Commander Cody, Dr. John, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Peter Frampton, Dan Hicks, Lightning Hopkins, Howlin’ Wolf,  Kraftwerk, Little Feat, Don McLean, the Outlaws, Robin Trower, Jerry Jeff Walker, Muddy Waters, and more!  Rock, blues, country, jazz, every genre found a home there.

And to prove it really happened, the good news is, the shows were professionally recorded by the staff of ListenUp, the local audio/video retailer and Ebbets sound company.  Many of the shows were simulcast, and I have copies of those that recorded off the radio that are like the best concert tapes I own.  This is thanks to Co-founder and president Walt Stinson entered into an agreement with Ebbets to simulcast them for free on the radio, or record them for re-broadcast, usually on Sunday nights.

FM 102.3 KCUV is releasing compliation CD’s of some of this music, and a portion of the profits from the newly released Volume II go to the Morgan Adams Foundation, to raise awareness and financial support for pediatric cancer.

Volume II has a great medley of Willie Nelson, including his famous “Denver”, from his Red Headed Stranger album.  So, okay, turn down the lights, sit back, smoke ’em if you’ve got em, and enjoy the musical journey this collection will take you on:

1. LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III Down Drinking at the Bar – 6/19/74
2. WILLIE NELSON Denver/over the Waves/Down Yonder – 9/2/75
3. BREWER & SHIPLEY Witchi-Tai-To – 5/25/75
4. TOM RUSH No Regrets – 10/22/74
5. LIVINGSTON TAYLOR Carolina Day – 11/27/73
6. WENDY WALDMAN Mad Mad Me – 11/7/74
7. FAIRPORT CONVENTION Matty Groves – 5/23/74
8. STRAWBS Out in the Cold/Round and Round – 3/4/74
9. BRIAN AUGER OBLIVION EXPRESS Happiness Is Just Around the Bend – 4/4/74
10. WET WILLIE Grits Ain’t Groceries/Soul Jones – 6/27/74
11. TOMMY BOLIN Homeward Strut – 6/3/74
12. PROCTOR & BERGMAN Channel 85 Sign-On – 12/6/73

These tracks, digitally transfered directly from the original tapes, have been remastered by Bob Ferbrache at Absinthe Studios in Westminster. The CD package was designed by Steve Holt, includes a cover shot featuring a vintage hand-illustrated Ebbets Field crew shirt, and a twelve-page booklet with archival photographs of Brian Auger, Strawbs, Brewer & Shipley, Wet Willie, Tom Rush, Tommy Bolin and Fairport Convention onstage at Ebbets, taken by Bob Ferbrache. G. Brown wrote the liner notes detailing the history of Ebbets Field as well as help ListenUp and KCUV¬.

You can google this and find ways to buy it on line, and I’ve seen it at some independent record stores, too.

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  1. LindaLee says:

    I love hearing Ebbets Field stories! Thanks.

  2. Martha Rudman says:

    No track from Ambrosia? Why not? I saw them at Ebbets. They were terrific. I was visiting from New Orleans. I bought their album and took it home and all my friends enjoyed it greatly. I still play their music often.

  3. LindaLee says:

    G Brown is still releasing recordings from that show; have you looked at recent cd?

  4. RDub says:

    Martha – I saw that show too. It was amazing how progressive they were at that concert, particularly given how sappy their later work was. I was impressed and “Mama Frog” still beats in my heart.

  5. LindaLee says:

    So many played in that little place!

  6. Martha Rudman says:

    Hey LindaLee–re: recent CD

    I haven’t looked into G Brown’s recent CD. I have to profess ignorance as to how to how to access that. However, this is a great website here, and is new to me. It’s a real treasure.

    Re: the latest Ebbets CD: is it only sold at Listen Up, and can you give me the volume number? I am waiting for a reply from Listen Up. I’m not sure I’m going to get one.

    Thank you!

  7. Martha Rudman says:

    RDub –That show was dazzling. A brother of one of the members of Ambrosia allowed me to sit beside and pester him with a thousand questions about the sound board and about 100 other things. He was a very nice person to do that. I was there with a relative who worked for Listen Up. I didn’t want to just sit in that old blue van of theirs (for the simulcast) while I had the opportunity to see a band I had never heard of (I was visiting from New Orleans). When I sat down beside this man, and watched the show from that spot, I knew I was witnessing something big. I had the time of my life. At one point, during a break of after of before the show, I went looking for the ladies’ room. It was down a hallway, and as I headed there I saw David Pack approaching my direction. All I could muster was a weak smile and a “Hi.” He seemed a little shy also, and said, “Hi,” back. I seem to remember him wearing black, and his hair being blonde and straight. I was wearing a long sort of boho dress and had removed my shoes as I feet were killing me. Such was my brush with greatness.

  8. phyllis says:

    Does anyone remember the year of the Runaways at Ebbets? I was there, and can’t remember the year. I think it was ’76.

  9. LindaLee says:

    I can’t remember. Have you looked at the other volumes to see if it’s included?

  10. phyllis says:

    Linda Lee, don’t know where, don’t know how.

  11. LindaLee says:

    Let me check, they sell them in Boulder

  12. Jerry C says:

    I Lived in Brooks Towers in 1973 I was 21 years old.I have some great memories of Ebbets Field and all the talent that played there.Once you got into Brooks Tower through the secured door with a guard you could wander around to the 7-11 or the liquor store or cleaners or you could go to the resturant/bar La place pigalle.It was a great place to live especially when your 21 years old. The guy that owned the resturant La place Pigalle was relative of my family his name was Johnnie DeAndrea I would come home from work, I sold cars and go the the bar and Johnnie would make me a meatball sandwich ,I was in heaven. I learned my way around the building pretty good you could walk down a long hallway and end up at the backstage of Ebbetts and if you acted like you were supposed to be there no one said a word to you, I was good at this.Anyway I saw so many concerts from the backstage and watched some of the great performers it was magical.

  13. Me says:

    Finally I found this! Incredible venue!

  14. bob meier says:

    I saw several shows at Ebbet’s in the 70s. Lightning Hopkins, Stanley Turrentine, RTF, Esther Phillips, Jack De Johnette. Admission was
    cheap four bucks I think.

  15. Mike R. says:

    I saw some great sets at Ebbetts Field in 1974: Billy Joel, Loudon Wainwright III, Minnie Ripperton, El Chicano and Robert Klein – quite an eclectic bunch! It was a very intimate space for performer and audience to share, creating an experience not possible in larger venues. When everyone was in the friendly confines of Ebbetts Field, we were all co-conspiritors.

  16. Steve Cuzzone says:

    My wife and I lived in Denver from January 1976 through March 1977. I remember several shows we saw at Ebbets Field. Steeleye Span, JD Souther, a hungover Warren Zevon, who had just signed a recording contract, Jimmy Speeris, Nils Lofgren & his trampoline. I don’t remember much but I know we had a great time. Excellent venue. I fell in love with their sound system and always sat in front. Finally bought my own Klipsch speakers 20 years later.

  17. Bill Balsley says:

    Great memories with Manfred Mann, Little River Band and Firefall to name a few. My kinda place!

  18. Anonymous says:

    We saw Sonny Terry and Browny McGee one winter in the early 70’s. Anyone remember that?

  19. Deb Sorrells says:

    Loved Ebbets Field. David Bromberg, Eric Burdon and Country Joe were my favorite shows

  20. Spencer Pyne says:

    I was a local record promotion man in the ’70’s working for Record Sales of Colorado. I had many artists perform at Ebbets Field. Ambrosia was certainly one of the best shows that I saw there. I managed to get KIMN radio to play “Holding On To Yesterday” and it went all the way to number 1 in June of 1975. I have stayed in touch with most of the members of the band ever since. I sure wish Listen Up would release a recording of that show. It was really a “stunner”!

  21. Georgia Kiger says:

    I saw Spirit there, and Leo Sayer (in clown makeup)

  22. LindaLee says:

    So cool to see there. Small venue, right?

  23. Wade overson says:

    Went to Ebbets all through high school and after. We always snuck in booze to mix with cokes. It’s hard to believe the amount of talent we saw there. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Spirit, Tommy Bolin, Ray Manzerik, way to many to mention or remember. Now as a man of 60 years old Ebbets Field is a memory I will cherish forever.

  24. LindaLee says:

    great story. Thanks. What a great bunch of artists you saw!

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