Live recordings of Willie Nelson Concerts

I don’t know if you have been over to lately, but you should go.  They have a growing collection of Willie Nelson and Family Shows available for purchase on USB wristbands/memory sticks.  The wristbands plug right into any USB port on your computer, and you can listen to it on your computer (as many times as you want) burn it to a CD, or upload it to your iPod or any mp3 compatible device.

This is just a little of their offerings:

07/29/08 Charlottsville, VA
07/30/08 Salisbury, MD

07/31/08 Danville, VA

08/03/08 Beaumont, TX
08/25/08 Denver, CO

08/26/08 Red Rocks, CO
08/28/08 Redmond, WA
08/30/08 Central Point, OR

08/31/08 Humbolt, CA

09/01/08 Napa, CA

09/03/08 Livermore, CA

 09/04/08 Saratoga, CA

09/05/08 Murphys, CA

 09/06/08 Santa Barbara, CA

09/07/08 Valley Center, CA

 09/23/08 Morristown, NJ

 09/24/08 Uncasville, CT

10/11/2007 Helotes, TX

10/26/2007 Eureka Springs AR

 10/27/2007 Dallas, TX.

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