Lucas Reynolds sings for Peace

Artist Lucas Reynolds has submitted his version of ‘A Peaceful Solution,’ written by Willie and Amy Nelson, and you can hear it on his myspace at, and at the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute Website at .

Lucas Reynolds

“I grew up in Cornwall, Vermont in a geodesic dome with a lot of music in the house. My mom taught in the Green Mountain String program. My dad was a guitar builder and a canoe builder. They started me on piano when I was four or five. And there were always different instruments around our house. Mandolins, ukuleles. So I guess from when I was just about walking, I had instruments in my hands. I started playing guitar when I was around 10 years old. I had a great teacher up in Burlington that I started studying with named Paul Aspel, who played with Muddy Waters and Howling Wolf and a lot of those guys. So from early on I had real cool connections to all the music that I was listening to and a really wonderful support system from my family and my teachers.”

“I see the willful act of creating peace, as a necessary component in fulfilling our obligations as human beings. Peace is also the only solution to our current and complex situation, which resonates in me.

I’ve been working for peace since I helped to open a community skateboard park when I was 17 in the town where I grew up in Vermont. In the big picture by building the park, we were creating a healthy environment to promote a sense of community amongst kids of all ages and demographics. It worked.

I’m motivated to do my part by my peers and mentors who are taking the opportunities they’ve been given and doing good. Willie Nelson, Tim O’Brien, Radiohead and Guster to name a few. Also, everyone out there who is taking steps to actively live out their morals thru real action.”

Lucas is touring now, and you can sample other music, and see if his tour is bringing him to your town.  He’ll be in Denver next month!


Willie and Amy have offered their beautiful song about peace to artists to sing, and also for others to use as a soundtrack for their video about peace — and then submit it to  And Liz, from the WNPRI told me that Willie Nelson listens to all the versions submitted, and watches the videos.  How cool is that, that you can send a song and know that Willie might listen to it?

You can hear all the versions sent in by folks (and they keep coming in!) at, and also, you can hear the beautiful versions Willie has recorded, by himself, with Tom Conway and the Gypsy Pacific from Maui, ( and with Willie Nelson and Family. 

Jay has revamped the site, and it’s even more beautiful, easier to navigate, and inspiring.  Worth the visit! 

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