Willie Nelson’s Luck Films Plans to Web Cast Shows, Videos

Willie Nelson – “Shoeshine Man” from Luck Films on Vimeo.
“Shoeshine Man”

This is the most recent video of footage taken by Luck Films at the Willie Nelson & Family & Friends concert at Willie’s Place Theater on December 16, 2009.   Luck Films was launched this week, and it has been exciting to read all the press, as news agencies picked up on his most recent project and have been reporting on it. 

Yesterday, when Willie called in to the Bill Mack show for Willie Wednesday on Sirius/XM Radio, Willie announced that Luck Films would be initiating a live stream of concert footage.   Life streaming is a feature that lets people watch video in a constant stream, or webcast.  He said he was hoping their first live stream would be from a concert on April 10th, 2010, from Willie’s Place Theater, with Paula Nelson and the Guilty Pleasures, and others. 

Streaming media has the advantages such as being able to broadcast live events, with the obvious advantage with live streaming for fans being that there is no waiting involve to see the footage.

Stay tuned with www.LuckFilms.com for more news, and to see other videos from the Carl’s Corner show last December.

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