Methodist Church, Abbott, Texas

“It’s the church where my sister and I attended Sunday school all of our lives. The church has been there over 100 years, and is an historical marker. It came up for sale, and a friend of mine told me about it a friend named Donald Reed. He and I graduated from high school there. He was married in that church, so he was concerned about it being sold. They were planning on tearing it down, moving it to the edge of town, and making a marriage chapel out of it.

My sister and I decided we didn’t want that to happen if we could help it. We made the realtor an offer, and we wound up buying the church. We had our first church service in there a few weeks ago. I went in with my band, my sister Bobbie, and Leon Russell. We just invited all the friends around there. The church only holds about 100 people, and we had about 200 outside. We had some food, and everybody just had a big day celebrating the church being open again.”

— Willie Nelson

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