Missing Poodie Locke

picture credit: www.statesman.com

Still hard to believe, we lost Poodie Locke five years today, and he is still missed, every day.

Mickey Raphael, Mark Rothbaum, Poodie Locke
photo:  Cathy Cunningham




Thanks to Margie Lemon, for sharing this picture she took of Poodie at Farm Aid II, in Austin, in 1986. Margie and her family and business continue to support www.FarmAid.org.


DSC_0192 by you.


Poodie and Chris Nelsen. Grand Rapids, Michigan-1982.


Jason Hardison has written a tribute to Poodie Locke that appears in the Summer 2009 Texas Monthly.


Johnny Knoxville posted this at his site www.jackassworld.com

I had a good friend pass away yesterday. Poodie Locke, Willie Nelson’s stage manager for 34 years, died of a heart attack Wednesday in Briarcliff, Texas. I kept this photo of me and him by my bed up until I moved into our new house. He used to laugh and tell people, “Knoxville keeps a picture of me next to his nightstand.” It was true. He was a tequila swiggin’ big, round, bear of a man and he was as sweet as they come. Poodie was just funny as all hell, too, and the best dancer I ever saw. My cousin Roger Alan Wade and I once had him on our radio show, The Big Ass Happy Family Jubilee, and you can listen to that below.

Most memorably, Poodie was never in bad spirits. I mean, don’t get me wrong, ol’ Poodie was usually in the spirits (and I was right there with him), but he was always positive, always smilin’. “Waco Texas’s Prettiest Baby of 1952? was full of good advice, too. One time, he sagely told me, “It’s alright to step on your dick, Knox, just don’t stand on it.” At his restaurant, Poodie’s Hilltop Bar and Grill in Spicewood, Texas, he put a sign up at the door that said, “There are no bad days.” When Poodie was around there sure wasn’t, but now that he’s passed on I think today is going to be kinda rough.

I love you, Poodie. Rest in peace, buddy.



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