“Most of all, Jan wanted to thank Willie Nelson” RIP RailroadLady

I just learned that Jan Moore, aka RailRoad lady passed away yesterday.  She loved Willie Nelson & Family so much.  Her daughter wrote on facebook:

I am very sad to say my mom Jan M. Moore went on to a much better place, she is free from all the pain and suffering. Thank you all for all the kind words, wonderful memories and the fantastic pictures. I was able to read her some of the comments from the other day, got a giggle out her a few times and many many smiles. My daughter said GranJan is like a celebrity! Yes, yes she was!!! She will be greatly missed, but know she had a love of life, and she just wasn’t getting to live it like she wanted anymore. She told me to tell everyone THANKS that bought her a beer at a concert, but most of all she wanted to thank WILLIE!

Jan was always first in line at a show.


Remember this one?
She had labeled it “Willie’s Parker County Homegrown watermelon’s marriage proposal Abilene Tx”

4 Responses to ““Most of all, Jan wanted to thank Willie Nelson” RIP RailroadLady”

  1. Barbara McCann says:

    Oh how sad she was such a pistol. Thoughts and prayers to her family.

  2. Barbara McCann says:

    I loved the photo she made taking Connie out and putting herself in the tub with Willie it was so funny. I thought I had it but I guess not.

  3. LindaLee says:

    That was funny. I am going to look for that, maybe on her page, photos. Thanks for that memory.

  4. LindaLee says:

    So sad, she loved WN so much

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