Naked Willie


Naked Willie is yet another of these compilations, but this one has a unique twist. In much the same manner that the “naked” version of the Beatles Let It Be deconstructed Phil Spector’s over-production of that album, Naked Willie strips away the more overdone aspects of some of the best songs from Nelson’s years in the sixties and early seventies on the RCA label.

The result is an album where Nelson’s often overlooked work during those years is able to be viewed in a new, far more refreshing light. Whereas the results of the Beatles Let It Be…Naked experiment are somewhat debatable — a judgment no doubt influenced by decades of growing up with those songs as we already knew and loved them — there is no such room for debate with Naked Willie. Nelson and longtime harmonica player Mickey Raphael have simply done one hell of a job “de-producing” these songs.

And by “de-producing,” we mean stripping away all of the strings, horns, and generally overproduced nonsense that constituted what was then known as the “Nashville Sound.”

1. Bring Me Sunshine
2. Following Me Around
3. Ghost, The
4. Happiness Lives Next Door
5. I Just Dropped By
6. Jimmy’s Road
7. I Let My Mind Wander
8. If You Could See What’s Going Through My Mind
9. Johnny One Time
10. Local Memory, The
11. Party’s Over, The
12. Where Do You Stand?
13. When We Live Again?
14. What Can You Do To Me Now?
15. I’m A Memory
16. Sunday Morning Coming Down
17. Laying My Burdens Down

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