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My latest: Paula Nelson

Another beautiful painting by Nate Vandenbos.  Beautiful!   He has painted hundreds of portraits, on plywood.  And he doesn’t use a brush!

“He doesn’t use a brush. He paints with his fingers. Each canvas starts with a coat of black paint and VandenBos uses a white pencil to draw the face. “I’ve freed myself from conventional techniques; I use my fingers and rags – not brushes – to apply paint, and I prefer plywood to canvas. I draw inspiration from the emotions I feel when I’m listening to music.” And, he adds, a picture with half the face in shadow can take him about half the time to complete as a full face image. And since he paints every day, producing about 100 portraits a year, quicker can be better. His love for music keeps him motivated. ”

— Interview with Nate VandenBos, with Michalis Limnios

Read more about Nate and his art, and hear the interview with him here:

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