Nils Lofgren talks about Willie Nelson
by Paul Cashmere 

Nils Lofgren isn’t a name that immediately springs to mind for the average punter, but in the music world, Lofgren is a legend.  While he has recorded and released more than 20 albums under his own name, the sound of Nils Lofgren has been more widely heard as a member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band and in the early days with Neil Young.

He maintains his connections with fans at his official site and is not only uploading new music for fans to hear, but has also started to give guitar lessons online from the site.

Before he was about to head out for a tour with Bruce Springsteen, Nils Lofgren spoke with Paul Cashmere.

PAUL CASHMERE:  Let’s talk about ‘Sacred Weapon’. There are some great guests on that. Willie Nelson, Crosby & Nash, Martin Sexton. Tell me about Willie and how you came to record ‘In Your Hands’ with him.

NILS LOFGREN: I had done the last Willie and Friends show in Los Angeles. He does a TV show in America. All his friends come out and sing with him and that was a beautiful experience. I was good friend with Martin his manager. Amy and I were out to lunch one day with Martin. He knows I was doing a grass-roots, no record company kind of thing with my website, just making music and playing live. He heard I was making a new record. He asked me to pick a song and he’d try to get Willie to do it. As it turned out, one of Willie’s guitarists was sick and I sat in at the Kennedy Center show in Washington, DC. Willie liked the song. After rehearsals one day in Virginia, I was mixing and Willie came out and did it pretty quickly and effortlessly. It was pretty amazing to see him in the studio. I wrote that song a couple of Christmases ago for my wife Amy. To get Willie Nelson to sing on it was an honor and a treat and it is one of my favourite tracks on the record. He was very kind and gracious to play on my record.

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