Nominate Willie Nelson for the Supreme Court


I know folks have written in Willie Nelson’s name on presidential ballots, but (so far) Chris Rodell of  is the first to put Willie’s name forward for the Supreme Court.   He’s got my support:

It’s time President Obama electrify the country by nominating someone who is not a judge, but who has appeared before plenty of them.

That means it’s time to nominate Willie Nelson for the Supreme Court. He’s the anti-John Roberts, a man who looks so white bread it’s surprising no one’s slapped some baloney and mustard on him for tasteful improvement.

Willie has the life experiences Americans need from an understanding justice. And he’s left a long paper trail, although, granted, most of it has been wrapped around marijuana leaves and smoked.

He proved he understands health care issues when he wisely remarked, “Remember, simple chronic halitosis is better than no breath at all.”

He’s a man of family values who’s opined, “There are no such thing as ex-wives. There are only additional wives.”

As far as the role of judicial restraint in the war on drugs, he’s on record as saying: “Legalizing marijuana would actually reduce crime … It’s kept me from killing a bunch of people.”

He understands that at times the roles of church and state do intersect when he warned “not to forget the less fortunate or God will personally kick your ass. I’d do it for him,” Willie said, “but I can’t be everywhere.”

Many interest groups are urging President Obama to nominate a person of color. I’d like him to nominate a colorful person.

Willie and the Supremes! Sounds like a surefire hit to me.

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