North Carolina ALE officer identified


The North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement officer who allegedly smelled the marijuana coming from Willie Nelson’s crew bus in Kenansville has been identified.

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  1. Steve says:

    I heard that Gomer tipped Barney off. Andy was cool, though. In fact, he was sitting in the third row listening to Lukas warm up the crowd…

  2. LindaLee says:

    I like hearing the rest of the story! Thanks, Steve.

  3. LindaLee says:

    Yeah, Andy would have wanted to sit in with the band; he is a pretty good guitar player in his own right.

  4. Cherie says:


  5. MissTex says:

    Good ol’ Barney lol,lol

  6. Barbara says:


    I think the only reason they bother the band is to get in the paper. What other good comes of it. Are they trytin to save the world and our children from Willie Neslon and Family? Please, I think there are more important things to protect us from. In the time it took to deal with those outlaw band members I have to wonder what real crimes were taking place that went without notice.

  7. Jennifer says:


  8. […] band were busted for allegedly possessing moonshine and marijuana. (Sidenote: Still Is Still Moving identified the officer who allegedly smelled the […]

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