More Willie Nelson Fans (Hillary and Bill Clinton)

AUSTIN, Texas (CNN) — Garry Mauro will never forget that night in 1972 when he says Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham ignored the post-election party surrounding them, instead preferring to huddle in a corner and talk about changing the future.

The young then-unmarried couple and he were three among a group of Young Turk Democrats working that summer to register voters in Texas. The Clintons had just started dating, said Mauro, who years later became Texas land commissioner. “They obviously had a lot of respect for each other, and they would spend hours talking to each other.”

Mauro recalls the night it was all over in 1972, after Democrat George McGovern lost to Republican Richard Nixon. He says he and the Clintons decided to let loose in lively Austin, paying $1.50 to see a Texas singer by the name of Willie Nelson before rambling back to a colleague’s tiny apartment.

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