Olivia Harrison Will Re-Issue Travelling Wilburys album


I had a Halloween Party this year, and took great care (as always) to select the cd shuffle mix.  And as always, someone decides to edit my selection.  I really don’t mind that much, even though he did take Willie completely out of the party mix.  (It’s hard for me to party without Willie.)  Anyway, he put in the first Travelling Wilburys cd, and it was great.  What a blast to hear it again.  It’s definitely worth a re-listen if you own it, and if you don’t get a copy.  Remember the video of them on the train, for “End of the Line?”  So good.

Olivia Harrison, George’s widow, has been working on the re-release of Harrison’s work, and has announced that the Travelling Wilburys albums will be re-released.  She said that George had been working on re-mastering them, but didn’t get a chance to finsh before his death.

I would never compare these guys with the Highwaymen, but I bet they had about as much fun playing together and making records together.  Next to the Highwaymen, they are my favorite friends-who-came-together-to-jam-and-make-a-record group. 

The travelling Wilburys:

  • Nelson Wilbury – George Harrison
  • Otis Wilbury – Jeff Lynne
  • Lefty Wilbury – Roy Orbison
  • Charlie T. Jnr. – Tom Petty
  • Lucky Wilbury – Bob Dylan
  • Track List (all songs written by the Travelling Wilburys):

    1. “Handle With Care”
    2. “Dirty World”
    3. “Rattled” 
    4. “Last Night” 
    5. “Not Alone Any More” 
    6. “Congratulations” 
    7. “Heading for the Light” 
    8. “Margarita”
    9. “Tweeter and the Monkey Man
    10. “End of the Line”

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