World Premiere of ‘One Peace at a Time,’ Turk and Christie Pipkin, in Austin 3/14/09

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April 14, 2009
Tickets and more info:

$25 – 8:00 p.m. World Premiere Screening at the Paramount (doors open at 7:00 with pre-screening music by John Pointer and food by El Chilito, Mama Fu’s and Amy’s Ice Cream. Includes after-party at Ruth’s Chris).

$250 tax-deductible contribution includes a catered reception at the Austin Museum of Art (6:00 – 7:30) honoring five global heroes featured in the film, reserved seating at the Paramount, and the after-party at Ruth’s Chris. Tickets are limited so RSVP to or purchase tickets online at

Willie Nelson created this psa for the film, ‘One Peace,’ produced by Turk Pipkin. Willie has a way of surrounding himself with other inspiring people, who are working for peace and other good causes. He and Turk Pipkin have been friends for decades.
— Ed Crowell

Turk Pipkin cast himself on an extraordinarily noble mission in 2006 when he took his camera around the world to film Nobel laureates and their ideas for saving the planet.

As former Gov. Ann Richards asked after a preview of “Nobelity” in Austin, “How can we get this into every school in America?” Pipkin, who has ranged from juggler to actor to television producer to author to Willie Nelson golfing buddy, has been trying to do just that ever since.

But he couldn’t stop at the thousands of DVDs distributed to schools through donations to the nonprofit Nobelity Project. “Nobelity” framed big problems and possible solutions in interviews with scientists, humanists and activists.  What the follow-up documentary, “One Peace at a Time,” accomplishes is to show that answers can be found in the many small steps under way in the developing world.

This film asks viewers to believe in the power of one child, one classroom, one village, one brick, one water well at a time.

Concrete examples are plentiful, including some projects by Austin-based foundations: clean drinking water for Ethiopian villages (A Glimmer of Hope), family-style orphanages in India (The Miracle Foundation), school improvements in Kenya (Nobelity Project), health and nutrition programs by CARE, a micro-credit bank for female entrepreneurs in Bangladesh, streetside computers for youths in India.

Credit Pipkin for his heart, for his and wife Christy Pipkin’s ability to raise contributions, and for writing, directing, narrating and shooting most of the footage by himself. The film’s one-child-at-a-time argument is clear and convincing, supported by a few stunning statistics on screen. It needed only a tighter edit toward the end where it drifts off message amid efforts to ban cluster munitions and to solve climate and energy issues.

“Nobelity” works on an intellectual plane as the faces and words of nine Nobel winners fill the screen with promise. “One Peace at a Time” completes the equation in the bright eyes and smiles of children who see the reality of hope delivered to their doorsteps. 

— Ed Crowell

From the promoter:

The new feature documentary from Turk Pipkin and The Nobelity Project is a look at solutions to a wide array of global problems. Filmed in 20 countries on 5 continents, One Peace at a Time features Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus, US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, Helene Gayle, Lloyd Doggett, and American legend and activist for peace Willie Nelson. Organizations featured in the film include The Miracle Foundation, A Glimmer of Hope, Wheels for Humanity and

All proceeds go to support the non profit education work of The Nobelity Project.  Inspiring and hopeful.

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