Paula Nelson, at Willie’s Place Theater (4/10/2010)

Paula Nelson and the Guilty Pleasures, Willie’s Place Theater, Carl’s Corner, Texas

3 Responses to “Paula Nelson, at Willie’s Place Theater (4/10/2010)”

  1. cherie says:

    It was shear musical bliss last saturday at Willie’sNightLifeTheater!!! Paula&TheGuiltyPleasures were shining brightly!!!! Willie was the icing on a mighty sweet cake! The crowd ate it up!!!!

  2. Esther Jimenez says:

    Cherie, you’re a poet my sweet! Yes, the sweet cake sure tasted good. I licked my fingers with having my two caps autographed, my picture taken with him, and he shook my hand and said love you too after I told him the same. Shear bliss.

  3. steve cervantes says:

    Just wanted to say thank you

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