Pre-Order Raelyn Nelson Band album and see them in Pumpkintown, S.C. Saturday.

We are releasing a new album and we need your help! With the new music streaming economy, it is getting harder to give a record a proper release without some help. We are skipping Go Fund Me/ Pledge/Kickstarter and going straight to the people. You can always do what everyone does and just preorder an autographed cd. Preorder CD Here

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However, for the low, low, slightly inflated price of $30.37, you can REALLY help us out and be the proud owner of this limited edition t-shirt (and we’ll throw in an autographed cd of the new album)! If you hate t-shirts but have lots of cash and want to help by parting with large (or any, really) amounts of it, please send any ideas, requests, offers (birthday parties, weddings, bah mitzvahs, house shows, coffee or beer date…use your imagination) e-mail us at!Buy Tshirt here!

Raelyn Nelson Band will be in Pumpkintown, South Carolina this
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