Raelyn Nelson Band releases new music video for “Brother”, and launches Single-Of-the-Month

You won’t believe this creative video from the Raelyn Nelson Band, for their new single, “Brother “.

You can purchase the single, “Brother”, here: : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bro…


Read what Raelyn had to say about the single, and the video collaboration of her and bandmate Jonathan Bright.:

“The song came about when I was watching a tv show and got inspired by the story line of a girl getting her three older brothers to track down her unfaithful boyfriend. JB and I got together and wrote it and we were trying to come up with a video concept that we could do on our own. It was DIY in every sense, and we shot it all with one gopro camera. The “band side” was done with a tripod, some cheap workshop lights and a clear shower curtain as a light “diffuser”. The other side was just JB running around with the gopro strapped to his head. Then with some tips from friends,YouTube tutorials, and editing software we managed to pull it off. And we came in right on budget! Which was zero….

As far as part of a larger project, I think we’ve decided this year to skip the traditional “cd release” and just release a single every month or so, with a video and new tshirt to go along with it. We have the songs, but it makes more sense to us to release them as singles and have something new to offer each month, instead of beating a record to death for a year. Hopefully, with help from people like you, we can pull THAT off too!”

Raelyn Nelson

Purchase their new single here for only $.99:    https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bro…



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You can also purchase the band’s recent album, ”   ” here:


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