RailRoad Revival Tour 2012 cancelled

Willie Nelson (Jeff Kravitz) and Ben Bidwell (Kevin Mazur)


The Railroad Revival Tour 2012 scheduled to begin this month, has been cancelled.  Here’s the message posted on the event’s website:

Railroad Revival Tour October Dates Cancelled

It is with extreme regret that we announce the cancellation of the 2012 Railroad Revival Tour. The decision to do so was a difficult one, but it was determined that certain complications would not permit us to host the shows in the manner intended, and that the bands and fans deserved.

Ticketholders will be receiving a full refund for all costs. All refunds are being processed and appear on your credit card statement. These will be fully processed by October 21, 2012.

We hope fans will take the opportunity to see these acts in other venues. Thank you.

Yeah, that’s vague.  But, upon information and belief, it was the promotors who cancelled and not an individual artist who pulled the plug.  Too bad, fans were excited, and I think some of the band members were looking forward to riding on the train for a bit.    I never heard anyone say it wasn’t a good idea, so maybe someone will revive the Revival Tour somewhere down the track.  (sorry)


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