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Read the personal road journal of Lana Nelson published straight from the tour bus, and gain insight on the latest happenings occuring in the Willie Nelson Camp.


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  1. David "Willie" Fortune says:

    This message is for Lana:

    Dear Lana,

    My name is David William “Willie” Fortune. I live near Salina, KS and my wife and I have tickets to Willie’s concert in Salina on April 21, 2009.

    I am a disabled person because 2 years ago I had a fatal heart attack and was dead for 20 minutes. The medical team tried everything (and I had the broken ribs and burns to prove it). The doctor was just calling the time of death when my heart started beating again on it’s own. The doctors said it was a miracle I survived because only 1 in 1000 people live through the heart attack I had. So guess I am supposed to be here.

    I got very lucky with no permanent heart damage (all the doctors say this was also a miracle) but my brain did not do so well. 20 minutes of being dead is hard on your brain. I found out that I could not do the work I used to (hospital and college administration) so am now disabled. But, thank God, I retained my ability to play guitar and sing like Willie Nelson. (not nearly as good as Willie, but still sound like him).

    Anyhow, after the heart attack, I made a list of the things that I had not accomplished in my life and set out to get them done. At the top of the list is getting to meet Willie in person.

    My friends tell me that I sound like Willie when I sing and I actually do look like your dad. We are the same size and although I am your age, I do look like Willie. I have been singing your dad’s songs for years in country bands.

    So another top item on my list is to do a Willie Nelson Impersonation Act. Not a cheesy impersonation with those cheap silly costume braids they sell on the internet, but a classy act doing as close an impersonation of Willie as possible. A lot of Willie’s fans will never get to see him in person, so if I can take his music to them, I will feel like I am accomplishing something important and making a contribution to society.

    Many of the most beautiful songs we have today were written by your dad; they reach right into the heart. Playing them for his fans is an honor. (It is fun too, because everyone LOVES your dad. If only his singing and guitar playing was easier; some of his songs are soooo hard to sing and he is like fine wine, he just gets better as he ages.)

    So I have a favor to ask of you. If I could meet Willie for a few minutes before or after the concert in Salina, KS and get his blessing on doing an impersonation of him, it would be a high point in my life and an honor.

    I know how busy you both are, and everyone wants to meet Willie, so I really appreciate your help in arranging a short visit.

    You can email or call me, if you get time.

    Thanks so much Lana for your help. I read your PPP report regularly, so I feel like I know you and your dad. Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping us updated on what you are all doing.

    David “Willie” Fortune
    620-245-9205 home
    620-755-1138 cell

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