Remembering Billy Nelson

May 12, 1958-Dec 24, 1991

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  1. Nancy Ricks says:

    I, too, lost my first son to suicide in 2014. Troy was 46 and lived in Hendersonville TN. Troy was a beautiful person and let a woman make him feel like he did not deserve to live. As his mother I feel as if I did not do what was needed to make Troy realize how loved he was by so many others than that evil woman. Troy was not the first man she drove to his death. The police tried to comfort me by saying one day the woman would meet her match. That will not bring my son back. I just pray God allowed him into Heaven and will allow me to join him when my time comes.

  2. Nancy Ricks says:

    I just ordered Peace In The Valley CD. Micah reminds me so much of Billy. Thank you Annie for blessing Willie with two remarkable sons.

  3. LindaLee says:

    That’s a wonderful cd. So sorry about the loss of your son.

  4. Donna says:

    It’s so sad, I was just reading up on Willie Nelson and I never knew he had a son who committed suicide. I only hope the family forgave him. We can only hope he is resting in peace

  5. Dawn says:

    I lost my oldest son Drew in 2017 to Suicide. I’m am a field agent and I advocate in my part of Kentucky for Suicide Prevention and Awareness. This helps tremendously in my coping process.

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