Rest in Peace, Don Reed

Don Reed has passed away, at his home in Texas.  He and Willie Nelson were friends for over 70 years, and grew up in Abbott, Texas together.


Willie Nelson and friends, Joyce Reed, Fayedell Clements, Don Reed, Jackie Clements and Bobby Messer, taken on Willie’s bus, at Carl’s Corner, Texas.  Thanks to Stephen Girsh, for sharing this photo.

Janis from Texas took this picture at Carl’s Corner of Willie and Bobbie Nelson’s friends from Abbott:  Donald and Joyce Reed, and Fayedell and Jackie Clements.

When Willie Nelson learned that the Methodist Church in Abbott, where he and Bobbie and Don Reed attended with their families, was going to be sold and moved out of town, he bought the church building.   Don Reed said Willie told him, “Don, I bought that church.  And I am depending on you to take care of it.”  “And here I am,” said Don.

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