Rest in Peace, Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton

Willie Nelson and the legendary Appalachian moonshiner.  This picture hangs in Luck, Texas, World Headquarters.


6 Responses to “Rest in Peace, Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton”

  1. sweetheart says:

    RIP Popcorn Sutton.
    I’m saddened that you saw no other solution.
    You are and will be missed!

  2. always me!!!! says:

    i love u cuz popcorn

  3. Nightbird says:

    Knew him well (family) not surprised at all he chose to go out on his own terms. He was as real as it gets, not just a figurehead for the publicity. He actually lived the life and walked the walk of the old days. The song “I did it my way” should have been played at his funeral.

    You did well Popcorn, you left your mark!

  4. eddie lighting says:

    R I P Your freind Eddie Silver

  5. The Real McCoy says:

    May your body rest in peace and your SOUL and LEGEND LIVE FOREVER,you are REMEMBERED and you did it well…

  6. rob slaughter says:

    I just recently discovered who you are and what you stood for. Just wish you and I had crossed path during our sixty years. I have more respect for you than anyone I’ve ever met in my lifetime. I hope you have the still running when I come home, brother.

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