Scott Newton Photography


“Poodie. Randall “Poodie” Locke. 1979 Willie Nelson’s Fourth of July Picnic, Briarcliff, TX. This is the famous Poodie, reaching into a bag of mic cords. For almost his entire adult life he was the guy who made things happen in Willie World. He knew who was who, and who should be where; he was the heart and soul of the traveling circus. He was also pretty much the one person you had to know if you wanted access to the stage while Willie was on it.

While not working he was the nicest, warmest guy you could know; generous, intelligent, hearty, fun. But during a show, he was the tempestuous stage dictator, and woe is you if you were a photographer onstage who didn’t belong.

The fact I have immortal images to show you, taken at the Picnics, is directly because Poodie thought I was worthy; I was often the only photographer up there during the really rich moments. Poodie, in a very real way, was my good friend. He died in 2009 at age 56. A great guy and an excellent human being.” 
Scott Newton

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