‘Scrapbooks in my Mind’ by Shirley Caddell Collie Nelson


SCRAPBOOKS IN MY MIND: Featuring Shirley and Willie Nelson and Many Others

“This is the story of a woman striving for success in the world of country music; a story of sacrifice, success, sadness, forgiveness, of following June Carter’s dictum, “Press on ,” and never losing faith.”

As far as I know, this may be the first book written about Willie Nelson by one of his wives.  I might be wrong, though.  It’s not just about Willie;  she writes about growing up and her young entry into the entertainment business.  She started performing to help feed her family when she was four; and married for the first time at 15.   She writes so fondly about her favorite guitar Baby.   

Shirley Caddell Collie Nelson

shirley by you.
Shirley Collie, Willie Nelson

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  1. Frances says:

    Just ordered this & so looking forward to reading it.

  2. LindaLee says:

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  3. Monique says:

    Ha ha, I’ve noticed … I love to read something about Shirley and to see some pics of her … Thanks!

  4. sweetheart says:

    Hey Monique,
    Don’t worry!
    She’s done the same to me before! 😉
    But, guess what, I guess we’ll just have to keep her!!!
    You rock, Linda!
    I also look forward to reading this book!

  5. Monique says:

    You’re right sweetheart, Linda is the best 🙂 We love ya gal!!!

  6. LindaLee says:

    I am sorry I do that! I get so much spam. I appreciate your comments, I really do.

  7. Monique says:

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  8. sweetheart says:

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    Back to my peace lovin’ self now….

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