Shirley Collie

“When Willie moved the kids out of Ridgetop, I phoned my parents and asked if I could come back home.  I’ve stayed pretty much out of sight since I went home to my folks to get well.  I don’t want to be on the road.  The road is just not my life.  I’m a small town person.  It took me nearly ten years before I was strong enough to see Willie again.  I sent word to him that I was coming to his show in Las Vegas.  He called me out on stage to sing, ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘Will the Circle Be Unbroken’ with him.

Later I told Willie, ‘You’re so thin.’

He laughed and said, ‘Yeah.  If I’d stayed with you I’d probably be fat and sitting around the house.”

I had been so afraid that the Willie I had known ten years ago wouldn’t still be there.  I didn’t think I had the courage to see him in his beard and earring and all.  But he’s still the same heart, the same man who’s so full of love, the same sensitivity as that guitar picker I fell in love with.  I have never come close to remarrying.  I can’t make a commitment to anyone, because I love Willie.  I’m happy with that.  At last, I can handle knowing there’s nobody else for me.”

Shirley Collie
by Willie Nelson,
with Bud Shrake

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  1. louise preston says:

    was wondering what if anything Shirley Colley is doing. Did she and Willie have children? Was she originally from Livingston county Mo?

  2. LindaLee says:

    I heard she was living in Missouri. No, she and Willie did not have children together, although Willie’s kids from earlier marriage lived with them.

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