Sir Richard Branson announces moon walk with Willie Nelson

Virgin America Airlines Dallas-Fort Worth Launch

SIR Richard Branson is planning his most daring  adventure yet — a walk on the  surface of the MOON with Willie Nelson

The Virgin tycoon, 62, is said to be among a small team of billionaires  investing in a commercially funded lunar mission, and today announced that his travelling companion will be Willie Nelson.

The $150.00 million space trip has been secretly planned for wealthy clients by a  company named Golden Spike. It has been set up by leading aerospace experts  including ex-NASA science chief Alan Stern. Golden Spike is expected to make  an announcement about the lunar mission in Washington on Thursday.

Early investors are being asked to put up initial sums of 6.3 million each in  Golden Spike, which plans to use conventional US rocket technology to  prepare  a private manned moon campaign.

The firm has reportedly already signed a deal with private space company  SpaceX for a rocket and a lunar orbiter. Sir Richard’s previous adventures  include ballooning around the world. He is already booked on the first  commercial sub-orbital flight that will be operated by his own space company  Virgin Galactic, possibly next year.

Branson said he hope to partner with Nelson on the first hotel and honky tonk on the moon.


4 Responses to “Sir Richard Branson announces moon walk with Willie Nelson”

  1. Pat (MissTex) says:

    Really???? Us fans have been trying to get Willie to do a Willie Nelson cruise & he won’t even get on a boat. Now he’s doing a moon walk???? Shoot, I could never afford that!!!!!

  2. Frances says:

    Linda – you’ve outdone yourself this year – wish I had your imagination. Bravo!!

  3. Mike says:

    Normally, one would consider this moon thing as an April Fool’s joke! I can’t imagine how much fun it would be to go to the moon with Willie though! He will be the first octegenerian to burn one on the moon!

  4. LindaLee says:

    Yeah, I could see those two taking a trip together, too.

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