Sustainable Biodiesel Certification program officially launched


GreenCircle and the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance are proud to announce that the Sustainable Biodiesel Certification program is officially launched. The announcement came at Willie Nelson’s 80th birthday party on June 6 at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square. At the event, Nelson and his wife, Annie, were honored for their continued commitment to advancing the use of sustainable biodiesel and for their contribution as founding members of the SBA.

“Back in 2007 we kicked off the SBA in this very room with Willie Nelson,” said Kelly King, chair of the SBA, at the celebration. “We didn’t realize how long it takes to create a certification program, but I’m here today to tell you we have completed that certification program with the help of GreenCircle Certified. That’s one of our birthday presents to Willie, as he has been a strong supporter of the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance all this time.”

Recognizing the need for an objective certification system to measure the overall sustainability of the production, distribution and use of biodiesel, the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance has partnered with GreenCircle to create this certification process. GreenCircle has adapted the SBA’s established baseline practices for sustainability to objectively evaluate the producers, distributors and end users of biodiesel.

The Sustainable Biodiesel Certification program focuses on evaluating the quality of the biodiesel and the types and methods in which biodiesel blends are produced, distributed and utilized. GreenCircle will be providing third-party audits for SBA certification to objectively evaluate producers, distributors and end users in regard to the sustainability of biodiesel across the supply chain. These audits investigate and score sustainable criteria including environmental, social and economic impacts.

With the support of Willie Nelson and other honorary SBA board members—including Woody Harrelson, Daryl Hannah and Jack Johnson—the Sustainable Biodiesel Certification is poised to receive national recognition for evaluating and verifying truly sustainable alternatives to traditional petroleum-based fuels. GreenCircle is excited to be an integral part of this important effort. The SBA and GreenCircle are actively seeking producers, distributors and end-users of biodiesel to participate in the SBA’s certification program. For more information, contact AshLee Klingman at

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