Ten Things to do while you wait for your next Willie Nelson and Family Concert


I’ll be honest with you.  I’m going through withdrawals after seeing Willie Nelson and Family for five nights at the Fillmore in San Francisco last week.  You’d think my family would be right with their, “Well, I guess you finally got Willie Nelson out of your system once and for all” comments upon my return.  Yeah, right.  I have been talking to Janis from Texas, and that helps, because she was at the shows in San Francisco, and she’s suffering, too.  

Willie and Mickey Raphael will tour next month with Asleep at the Wheel in support of the new Western Swing  ‘Willie and the Wheel’ album, and the rest of the band is off until March.  If you are like me, and have no shows on the horizon and you can’t find a Missing-Willie-Nelson Support Group in your town (What’s up with that, anyway?  There are two therapists for every resident here in Boulder; I think someone is missing an opportunity)  here are ten things you can do while you wait for your next WN&F concert.  Let me know what you do to help you make it through the night:

  1. Watch all of Willie Nelson’s movies in chronological order
  2. Organize your Willie Nelson cds and listen to them all in alphabetical order;
  3. Visit www.WillieNelson.com daily to see if Lana Nelson drops any news or pictures of her dad
  4. Spend some time at www.Budrock.com and peruse his extensive collection of Willie Nelson and Family pictures, posters, passes and pics
  5. Re-read Joe Nick Patoski’s book, ‘Willie Nelson:  An Epic Life’
  6. Listen to the Bill Mack Satellite Cowboy show on xm radio on Willie Wednesdays, and try to call in and talk with Willie
  7. Join Willie’s fan club at www.ClubLuck.WillieNelson.com, and join the on-line chat on Wednesday evenings with other Willie Nelson fans
  8. Watch concert videos
  9. Start a blog about Willie Nelson and hope he reads it so you can tell him how much you love him and his music
  10. Or just call me, and we can talk about Willie and swap concert stories.


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  2. Rachael says:

    …What about counting your Willie guitarpics…? I’ve got about 12 thus far… or was that… hey! …I’ve lost count!

    Now where was I…

  3. Joanne says:

    Or get a pint… a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Willie Nelson Country Peach Cobbler Ice Cream that is….. and review all the photos you have taken of Willie.

  4. LindaLee says:

    There you go! That’s a good one.

  5. LindaLee says:

    Yep, good one, too. Count your pics! Better than counting flowers on the wall (but that don’t bother me, at all.)

  6. sweetheart says:

    #1 way to deal with Willie Withdrawal:

    Go back to the archives of stillisstillmoving.com from August 2006 and read through them all till the last one posted!
    and don’t forget to read the comments!

  7. LindaLee says:

    Oh, I’m blushing. That’s so sweet

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