Thank you, Lord (for making it a hoax) #WillieNelsonisaliveandrockingit #meanpeoplesuck


I wasn’t going to deign to acknowledge the most recent mean-spirited rumor about Willie that was spread on the internet, but then Chris Nelson, a friend and Willie Nelson fan from Michigan, sent me this poem he wrote. Thanks, Chris, about says it all.

Thank you, Lord (for makin’ it just a hoax)

I’d be lyin’

If I said

I wasn’t cryin’.

And when I heard the news

My entire soul felt the blues

And I could feel

The blues they were playin’

And what the blues were sayin’.

And even after I read it was all a hoax

I thought, ‘Them mother fuckers

And their fucked up jokes’.

I filled one up

And had a beer

And a couple of (big, long) tokes

And a couple of (big, long) tokes.  

Thank you, Lord,  

for makin’ it just a hoax.

— C. N. Nelson

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