Thank you Opie’s Goats Organic Goat Milk Soap, for your support of Farm Aid

Here’s another company that donated goods or services to Farm Aid, to help with their programs designed to help keep farmers on their land.

At Opie’s Goats, we produce organic soap for your skin. Not your nose or eyes.   It is not the prettiest soap you will see and we do not add fragrances to make  our soap smell. We use only certain essential oils chosen for how they benefit  your skin and/or ease skin problems.

Free of chemicals, gluten, soy,  fragrances, dyes, lard and tallow, Opie’s Goats organic goat milk soaps are  ideal for vegans and anyone with food allergies. Pick from six different blends  to suit your skin type. You can be confident that we spend considerable time  sourcing only the best, certified organic ingredients to handcraft the highest  quality soaps you can find.

Each soap, weighing  approximately four ounces, is nearly 50% organic goat milk from our own goats,  raised in Janesville, WI. Our herd, ADGA registered French Alpines and one  Oberhasli, is also named Opie’s Goats. They live organically, grazing on endless  acres of pasture and come in the barn only when the weather is intolerable.   Gentle and curious, goats are also mischievous and always getting into things.   See the Our Goats page to learn more about each of  them.

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