Thank you, Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson joined 40 points on the outdoor stage at Carl’s Corner on 7/3/04.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Willie Nelson and Family for such great concerts in Texas.    I’m going to miss my bus to work if I don’t walk out the door right now, but I have so many great photos and stories to share, later.

4 Responses to “Thank you, Willie Nelson”

  1. JOJO says:

    can’t wait for the stories and pictures,LL

  2. cherie says:

    wait a minuet i thought what happened on the road stayed on the road?!? wink wink

  3. kim says:

    Thanks so much Willie for the great party we had at Carl’s corner on July 3, and also it was great to finally get your autograph! And to Linda, It was wonderful to meet you. thanks for all you do to keep all of us willie fans informed and for all the great pictures. Hope to see you again soon. Kim Rogers in oklahoma

  4. LindaLee says:

    Kim, it was so nice meeting you! I’m so glad we got to meet; that was so nice. Thanks for all your kind words.

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