The adoration for Willie Nelson was thick

















Rosewater Chronicles posted this about getting to go to the UT dinner honoring Willie Nelson at

The dinner recognized Willie Nelson for a career of using his stardom to help mediate conflicts and contribute to peace (Farm Aid, etc.). His children played a few tunes (all very good), and Ray Wilie Hubbard was simply phenomenal, but lo . . . Willie played a few tunes as well. It was stellar, and I must say I was “caught up” in the religious adoration of this man. He sounded good too (all the musicians were top notch). There’s just something about him that says “nice guy,” a certain sweetness (and a certain sadness) that bespeaks a unique form of “working man” charisma. As we listened to him play last night, I found myself thinking I’ve only has this sense of charisma around a few other musicians, and the one who immediately came to mind was Jerry Garcia…

In any event, the adoration in the room was so thick if you breathed deeply you’d cough. Little happy coughs. The whole thing was just friggin’ awesome.

There are other pictures posted at the blog site, too.

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