The Grammys……

I watched the entire grammy show last night, all three hours of it.  I thought the entertainment was great, especially the Carrie Underwood/Ray Benson/Johnny Gimble tribute to Bob Wills.  Rascal Flatts did a good Eagles tribute, too, I thought.

And the Police reunited and launced their world tour, that was fun to see.  Beyonce, Shakira, Mary J. Blige, the divas were all grand, as usual.   Lots of talent last night.  That must be a fun show to go to, and see all those stars on stage.

HOWEVER, Willie should have won the “Best Country Album” grammy.  “You Don’t Know Me:  The Songs of Cindy Walker” WAS the best country album, and I think everyone knows it.

Still, nice to see the Dixie Chicks get the recognition they did.  I think folks are still voting against Bush and the war; it felt good in November, and it still feels good.

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Last night, the Dixie Chicks swept the Grammies, winning the coveted award in every category in which they were nominated. Speaking out against the war and the president as country-music stars proved to be an incredibly tricky move, as country-music stations boycotted the Chicks’ music, Nashville all but disowned the trio, and fans throughout the country chucked, spit on, and crushed their Dixie Chicks CDs. But unlike so many pandering celebs, the Chicks didn’t go to rehab, equivocate about their meaning, apologize “if they offended anyone,” or in any way compromise their integrity. The Chicks stood by their political beliefs in a hostile country-music environment, and even made an album responding to the criticism, which was as bold and brash as true fans always knew the Chicks to be. It’s nice to see them getting rewarded now.

Sacha Zimmerman

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